Continuing the work of Thai artisans Care for the environment To a digital society


Within the year 2023, the education institution is a model school for conservation, succession, dissemination of ancient Thai art, ten groups of artisans and Thai arts and culture for work.


  1. Provide vocational education and training in ancient Thai art, ten arts crafts and Thai culture to the general public.
  2. Organize an exhibition of ancient Thai art works. In the form of permanent and mobile exhibitions to disseminate Thai arts and culture.
  3. Promote, support and coordinate professional training in ancient Thai art, ten artisan crafts, and Thai art and culture with various agencies, both public and private.
  4. Develop curriculum, media, learning process Professional personnel Ancient Thai art and Thai Culture
  5. Study, research, develop, disseminate to preserve ancient Thai arts and Thai cultural arts.
  6. Perform other tasks as assigned.