Course Competencies

  1. Demonstrate knowledge about the principle of gemstone adornment work, use and maintenance of equipment, work preservation, cost calculation and distribution price determination.
  2. Making and decorating work, attaching designs, jewelry, gemstones and keep work.
  3. Calculate cost and set the selling price according to the principle.

Course Description

Study and practice about the principle of gemstone adornment work invention and decoration. Use and maintenance of equipment. The process of making gemstone adornment work. Work preservation. Cost calculation and distribution price.

Jewelry Invention & Decoration

  1. History and importance of gemstone adornment work.
  2. Types of gemstone adornment work.
  3. Principles of invention, decoration, decorative pattern, gemstone decoration and preservation.

Selection, Preparation, Use & Maintenance of Materials

  1. Selection of material preparation and equipment for crafting a gemstone adornment work.
  2. The use and maintenance of materials for the invention, decoration, decorative pattern, gemstone.

Gems Decoration Invention

  1. The gemstone adornment work as appliance.
  2. The gemstone adornment work as home decorations.


  1. Thai soil
  2. Oil Paint (Yellow & Orange) and Acrylic Paint (Gold)
  3. Latex glue
  4. Print for Pattern Press
  5. Colored Stones (Various Sizes)
  6. Slink
  7. Scissors, Pins, Hooks, Hand Towels, etc.
  8. Various materials that will be attached to gemstone adornment work such as picture frames, boxes or cartridges, candlesticks, dried duck feet, ceramics, etc.